Changes to UK Shared Hosting DNS

Effective as of October 8th 2021 Due to an issue with one of our upstream network providers, we are required to change the IP address for our UK shared hosting service. If you are using our name servers no action is required. However, if you are using an external dns server, for example through CloudFlare […]

How can I host multiple websites?

You can create an additional website on your account by adding the domain you wish to use in the ‘Addon Domains’ utility of cPanel. Once the domain is added, make sure you have updated your name servers and you can edit content on the website by using the destination folder selected during setup. If you […]

Do you offer Free Migrations?

Yes, we can offer free migrations, if you can or provide a cpmove backup file. This is a traditional cPanel backup format. If you can not provide a cPanel backup file, we can offer manual migrations from £9.99. Please contact our support team to begin the migration process at any time!

Do you offer SSH Access?

SSH Access is available free of charge on our professional hosting plan. This is a secured shell environment that is locked down to your specific hosting account. To enable it, please contact support after setting up your account.

Can I change my main domain name?

Yes, you can change your primary domain name by contacting our support team. If you wish to add additional domains to your website, forward domains or create a subdomain, DO NOT change your main domain. An example of wanting a primary domain change, is if your moving from to

Is your web hosting eco friendly?

Our UK Web Hosting Server & our main website server are certified eco-friendly by The Green Web Foundation. Additionally, our website is carbon neutral through a partnership with Tree Nation.

How often do you take backups?

The frequency of backups vary based on the location/server selected during the ordering process. Currently we offer the following backup facilities: UK cPanel Hosting – Full Daily Backups stored for 7 days. – 6 Hourly database backups stored for 1 day. EU DirectAdmin Hosting Backup facilities for this location are currently under review. We anticipate […]

Can I host adult content?

Our adult content policies vary based on the restrictions imposed by ur upstream providers. They are usually one of the following: No Adult Content Dedicated IP Required Prior Permission Required Please contact our sales team if you would like to host adult content to confirm if the hosting location you chose supports it’s or has […]

Do you have LiteSpeed?

Yes, our U.K. cPanel server has a LiteSpeed Enterprise license. As well as getting the usual LiteSpeed benefits, you can get an enhanced service allocation when using the WordPress plugin.