Do you offer whitelabel nameservers?

Yes, we have partnered with CloudHostingDNS to provide our shared customers with unbranded nameservers. Please note you must not provide these to your customers through any public facing links, unless they are de-indexed or require a login to view. Please find the appropriate nameservers for your web hosting location below. If you are unsure of […]

Do you support private nameservers?

Yes we do, please find the relevant IP’s for your server in the list below. UK Web Hosting NS1: NS2: DMCA Protected Hosting NS1: NS2:

What are your nameservers?

UK Web Hosting – – DMCA Protected Hosting – – Other Locations Please refer to your welcome email or contact our support team.

What resources are assigned to my account?

This section applies to U.K. cPanel Hosting accounts only. Please contact our support team for any other account. We allocate the following resources to each account subject to fair use: 100% CPU Power 1GB RAM 25 Entry Processes 1000 IOPS 10Mbps I/O

Do you provide Dedicated IP’s?

Yes we do! They are currently priced from £4.99/mo for UK Web Hosting Customers & £2.99/mo for DMCA Protected Hosting Customers. You can order one through the addons page and it will be provisioned within 24 hours.