Creating A Contact Form (HTML/PHP)

Method #1 : FormSpree Link

The easiest way to create a contact form is with, the required HTML code is provided on the formspreee website, which you can paste directly into your website, and all you have to change is your email.

Please note that you will need to complete a demo entry in your contact form, as the first entry will result in an email confirmation link.

Once you have clicked this link to confirm your email, all future responses will be sent directly to your email.

Method #2 : PHP Script

The following website will explain the creation of a PHP Contact form in detail, with code snippets and video tutorials.

Tutorial :

Method #3 : Online Contact Forms

Another way to create a contact form is with an online contact form generator. The contact form generator, will allow you to choose and customise a contact form theme, then they’ll provide you with the HTML Code to paste directly into your website.

The following are some of the online contact form generators are available;

Please note that some of these services may require you to login to your account to view your form responses, rather than sending them to your email address.