Domain Privacy Plus

What is Domain Privacy Plus?

Domain Privacy plus is an additional service provided on domain name registrations to stop you from receiving the dreaded cold calling web design emails every time you register a domain

How does it work?

Traditional Domain Privacy only protects your personal data from being seen by others. However, emails sent to the anonymous address still reach your inbox. Whilst some people are fine with this, many do not need to receive emails sent to their contact address as they are usually spam.

Through domain privacy plus, we will replace the destination email for email forwarding to our own. Therefore, you won’t receive any spam. However, in the unlikely case an email that isn’t spam, or we deem is likely to be of interest to you comes through, this will be forwarded on to you, without revealing your personal email address.

Will I still own my domain?

Yes, the domain privacy plus does not change the name of the legal registrant, only the contact email address.

How much does it cost?

Domain Privacy Plus costs £3.99/yr on each domain you want to protect. By default, this will automatically renew at the same price, however you can cancel the service at anytime if you no longer need it.